Crews stand ready for field gun competition

From left, Elissa Curtis, LAET Brady and Mason Parker. Picture: PO Phot Nicola Harper

Pupils learn more about engineering at naval base

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GRIT, determination and camaraderie.

That’s what sailors from HMS Sultan, in Gosport, need in their field gun competition training.

Two crews are training three times a day ahead of representing the navy base at the annual field fun competition at HMS Collingwood, in Fareham.

They will go up against 20 crews from all three armed services. The A crew narrowly beat the B crew in their Burgess Trophy competition.

Captain Trevor Gulley, commanding officer at HMS Sultan said: ‘Sports like field gun, where teamwork and training are essential factors for success, perfectly capture the Royal Navy’s core values that we instil in our young officers and trainees of commitment, courage, discipline, respect, integrity and leadership.

‘Such challenging team sports, in conjunction with professional and adventurous training, support us in working towards the First Sea Lord’s vision to be the best navy in world by exploiting risk, taking charge and fearing nothing.’

‘I am very proud of our crews who will be representing the establishment against so many others in the main field gun competition at HMS Collingwood.

The competition requires 18-man teams to run, dismantle, reassemble and then fire the gun in the shortest possible time, traditionally in heats of six crews at a time.

The competition is fast and furious and both teams are looking ahead to the competition on May 31.

It takes place during the HMS Collingwood open day.