D-Day 70: Displays at Southsea Common

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Displays at Southsea Common and in the skies above have started as Portsmouth continues to mark the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

The atrocious weather this morning hailstorms, thunder and lightning, hasn’t stopped people heading to Southsea to enjoy today’s events which will conclude with a 1940s concert and a huge fireworks display.

Cadets stage a field gun demonstration at Southsea Common

Cadets stage a field gun demonstration at Southsea Common

And glorious sunshine bathed the delighted spectators in warmth as today’s events began.

Alan Smith, who travelled from his home in Wiiltshire for the entire commemorations, said: ‘Everything so far has been fantastic. I’m really looking forward to the field gun today. I was in the army for seven years. The whole day looks like its going to be excellent.’

Mr Smith’s brother Fred, 69, from Pretoria Road, Southsea, said, ‘we’ve got our chairs in place at the arena side ready for all the displays. We can’t believe how brilliant it’s been so far.’