D-Day 70: Fareham veteran’s emotional return to Normandy

George Clarkson
George Clarkson
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A Fareham veteran is one of those who has made an emotional return to France

Ninety-year-old George Clarkson, who served with the Royal Engineers Guards Armoured Division, visited D-Day beaches, memorials and cemeteries during the 70th anniversary commemorations.

His son David, who travelled with him, said his father was moved upon seeing the gravestones of fallen comrades.

George Clarkson said: ‘I was one of the lucky ones, who came home.’

David said: ‘Reading the inscriptions brought home how young they were - 19 and 20-year-old lives cut so short.’

Everywhere they went, Mr Clarkson and the other veterans he was travelling with were greeted by spontaneous applause from the people of Normandy.

French people of ages came forward to shake their hands and say how thankful they were.

Mr Clarkson said it reminded him of the reception the British Army received when they came as a liberating force arriving in villages 70 years ago.