Dad gives legacy to son after he leaves navy

Picture: Malcolm Wells

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VETERAN sailor Jack Hammond knows he is leaving the navy in safe hands.

That is because his son Oliver is becoming an air engineering technician in the Fleet Air Arm.

Jack, 49, was divisional officer at HMS Sultan in Gosport, where he taught engineers, including his son.

Over 32 years he has served aboard HMS Illustrious, HMS Invincible and HMS Ark Royal, and saw service in Bosnia and Afghanistan.

He said: ‘I have had a fantastic time within the Royal Navy. I am proud to have spent the majority of my time working within the Harrier circuit. 
 ‘To have my son serving at the same time within the same section is definitely a rarity and is the icing on the cake.’

Oliver, 22, of Yeovil, added: ‘It’s great to have worked alongside my dad.’