David’s name strengthens his ties to D-Day

Air Engineering Technician (AET) David Day
Air Engineering Technician (AET) David Day

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WITH a name like David Day, it’s no surprise this Royal Navy sailor feels a strong affiliation with D-Day.

Now the 27-year-old, who is based at HMS Sultan in Gosport, is looking forward to marking the invasion’s 70th anniversary by joining in the commemorations across Portsmouth 

Air Engineering Technician Day, nicknamed D-Day, shares his name with his father.

He said: ‘There’s always been a bit of banter attached to my name and in particular a couple of the Royal Marines I parachute with at Netheravon give me a bit of jip.

‘But it’s all happy days and I actually enjoy it.

‘I think it’s got a bit of a ring to it, so I have to admit I do quite like it.’

AET Day was among those who marked the bravery of those involved in D-Day with a memorial in Lee-on-the-Solent on Tuesday.

He added: ‘I am incredibly humbled to be involved with supporting the commemorations of D-Day.

‘I have a massive passion for the retired armed forces community and anything I can do to recognise those who lost their lives or served within the armed forces is a tremendous honour.’

During his years of service, AET Day has run a number of half-marathons for the Royal British Legion and is an active member of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Sport Parachute Association.