Defender roams the waves..

HMS Defender off Gibraltar
HMS Defender off Gibraltar
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DESTROYER HMS Defender has celebrated her sixth birthday and Trafalgar Day in a historic spot.

The Portsmouth-based ship was off the south-west coast of Spain, where the Battle of Trafalgar was fought in 1805, for the anniversary.

The ship’s company celebrated with a dinner, featuring a chocolate galleon on the wardroom table.

The ship’s mess president, Lieutenant Commander Jason Eacock, said: ‘It was very special to be able to commemorate Trafalgar Night at the place the battle was fought.’

Defender is now in the Gulf having taken over from sister ship HMS Duncan.

En route, she became the first Royal Navy ship to pass through the newly renovated Suez Canal. Defender will now spend nine months patrolling in the Middle East as part of Operation Kipion.