Documentary will show war veteran in rally challenge

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A RETIRED Army engineer will star in a documentary about a gruelling 6,000-mile race across South America.

Sean Whatley, 45, was part of a support team for a group of injured soldiers and civilians as they became the first amputee team to take on the Dakar Rally.

CHALLENGE The Race2Recovery group, which is the subject of a documentary on ITV4

CHALLENGE The Race2Recovery group, which is the subject of a documentary on ITV4

The two-part series begins tonight and shows the Race2Recovery team travel almost 6,000 miles over 15 days through Peru, Argentina and Chile.

Sean is an ex-Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer, who served in Iraq and Bosnia, and was the lead mechanic for the team.

The retired soldier, who was born in Portsmouth and runs a Fareham-based engineering company, said: ‘The rally was hard work but it was rewarding.

‘We were driving the vehicles during the day and repairing them at night.

‘We started off with four vehicles but by the end of the first week were down to just one.

‘One of them didn’t make enough way points in time and so was excluded, the second hit a rock and broke its gear box and the third hit a bank in the dark at 70mph and was written off.

‘I’ve seen the documentary and think it’s really good.’

The Race2Recovery team was sponsored for its efforts and raised money for Help for Heroes as they went about their journey.

The documentary was produced by Gaucho Productions.

Alistair Weaver is the executive producer of Gaucho Productions, and said: ‘This has been an amazing story to tell. Everyone involved in the project has been enthralled by the bravery and commitment of the Race2Recovery team.

‘They have had an extraordinary adventure and we’re thrilled to have brought it to life.’

Dakar Rally: Frontline to Finish Line will be shown on ITV4 tonight and on Friday.