Engine woes end HMS Diamond’s mission

Two members of the Portsmouth and Medway Clearance Diving Team at HMS Vernon with the 250lb German bomb which was dredged up at Albert Johnson Quay. On the left LS(D) M O'Learey with some of the high explosive content of the bomb and AB C Carr with the fuse

THIS WEEK IN 1981: Dredger brings up unexploded bomb

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NAVAL bosses have aborted a mission in the Gulf after one of Britain’s most advanced warships broke down.

Portsmouth-based Type 45 destroyer HMS Diamond is heading home after having difficulties with her propeller.

HMS Diamond leaving Portsmouth

HMS Diamond leaving Portsmouth

The Times reported efforts to fix the £1bn vessel at sea were unsuccessful.

It is the latest woe to hit the navy’s destroyer fleet – which is based in Portsmouth.

The warships, built by BAE Systems and Rolls Royce have been blighted by engine problems since entering service eight years ago.

A Royal Navy spokesman said: ‘We can confirm HMS Diamond has experienced technical issues but we do not discuss the detailed materiel state of our operational ships and are unable to comment further.’