Engineers get glimpse of new jets in the USA

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NAVY air engineers based in Gosport a visit to America to learn about planes that will operate from the navy’s new supercarriers.

Staff and classes from the Royal Navy Air Engineering & Survival School at HMS Sultan went to get experience of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

The jets will fly from HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, which are partly being built in Portsmouth.

In Washington, the sailors were given a briefing on the F-35, as part of an exchange programme with the US navy.

The group made its way down the east coast to Naval Air Station Patuxent River, home to the US navy’s test and evaluation squadrons.

Here they got their first glimpse at the F-35 and were shown around by embedded Fleet Air Arm personnel. And they got the chance to see the X-47B, a drone demonstrator, which has completed the first automated take-off and landing on the USS George HW Bush.

HMS Sultan’s Lieutenant Hazelle Garton said: ‘The sheer scale of the operations observed during our visit to the USA was impressive. Students and staff involved with the trip will benefit.’