European military is ‘nonsense’

Picture: Malcolm Wells

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DEFENCE secretary Liam Fox has blasted European Union plans for a continent-wide military.

Dr Fox said an EU idea for a European armed force is ‘nonsense’ because countries are already in Nato.

Addressing the Conservative party conference in Manchester, he said: ‘It’s nonsense to duplicate and divert from Nato at a time resources are scarce and the last thing we need is more EU bureaucracy.’

His comments come after Britain signed a pact with France last year to share an aircraft carrier.

Turning on European countries who are failing to match Britain’s commitment to Nato, Dr Fox said: ‘You can not expect to have the insurance policy but ask others to pay the premium for it.’

The defence secretary addressed armed forces cuts, saying: ‘I’ve been determined to get the MoD back in shape after a decade of chaos under Labour. You can not be strong if you are broke. That’s what Labour fails to understand.’

He also defended the rights of Falkland Islanders and Gibraltarians to remain under British sovereignty.