Falklands 30 - On this day - April 3, 1982

Picture: Malcolm Wells

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After storming Port Stanley and other key position on the Falkland Islands the day before, Argentinian troops started to move ashore at South Georgia on Saturday April 3, 1982.

Forces began landing at Grytviken and a helicopter from the Argentine icebreaker ship Bahai Paraiso attempted to land on the foreshore. Royal Marines from Naval Party 8901 tried to stop the invasion and Lieutenant Keith Mills and his 21 men hit back by firing 500 rounds at the Puma aircraft.

Pouring with smoke, the chopper limped on a few hundred yards and crashed, resulting in the deaths of two Argentine troops.

The Royal Marines refused to surrender and the Argentinian navy responded with fire from a frigate.

The fighting ended with the commandos and 13 civilians taken prisoner.

Meanwhile, UK parliament sat on a Saturday for the first time since the Suez Crisis in 1956. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher chose her words carefully as she pleaded for support for troops which, as yet, were still on British soil.

The United Nations issued a statement saying it was ‘deeply disturbed’ at reports of the invasion and urged for a peaceful resolution.

The UN also demanded that Argentina immediately withdrew its troops.