Falklands 30 - On this day - June 14, 1982

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CPO Martin Owen helps Meon Junior School pupils with their Lego robots. Picture by Malcolm Wells

Navy engineers help students to perfect their Lego robots

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AFTER taking the heavily-defended high ground surrounding Port Stanley, British forces marched into the capital virtually unopposed on June 14, 1982.

By daylight, Argentine troops were fleeing in disarray. By mid-morning, white flags were flying in Stanley, and British troops marched into the town at noon.

Seventy-four days after Argentina had invaded, the Falklands War was over.

The ceasefire was announced at 3.30pm local time and almost 10,000 enemy troops put down their arms.

General Mario Menendez later surrendered to Major General Jeremy Moore and MPs cheered in the Commons as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher relayed the news to parliament later that evening.