Falklands 30 - On this day - May 3, 1982

30 Battery 16 Regiment Royal Artillery lead the annual St George's Day parade through Emsworth town centre.'Picture Ian Hargreaves (180463-23)

Cheers erupt as soldiers march through Emsworth for St George’s Day

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FOLLOWING the sinking of the battle cruiser General Belgrano the day before, Argentina’s foreign ministry released a statement on May 3 saying the attack was ‘a treacherous act of armed aggression’ because it was outside the Total Exclusion Zone set by Britain in April.

Citing the Belgrano, Argentinian President Galtieri said he would now reject Peru’s peace plan.

Argentine navy vessels were subsequently recalled to shallow waters off Argentine coastline out of reach of British submarines.

Meanwhile, the Royal Navy sank an Argentine patrol boat and seriously damaged another.