Falklands tragedy to be made into a film

SUNK HMS Coventry after she was hit by Argentinian planes
SUNK HMS Coventry after she was hit by Argentinian planes
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THE sinking of HMS Coventry in the Falklands War is to be made into a full-length cinema film to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the tragedy.

Nineteen men lost their lives when the Portsmouth-based destroyer was attacked by Argentinian aircraft on May 25, 1982.

Captain David Hart, commanding officer HMS Coventry, 1982.

Captain David Hart, commanding officer HMS Coventry, 1982.

Director Tom Shankland has started work to make a film called Destroyer about the warship.

The movie will be based on the memoirs of Coventry’s captain in the Falklands, Captain David Hart Dyke, who published his book Four Weeks in May in 2007.

Captain Hart Dyke, of Hambledon, said: ‘It’s at an early stage of development. It’s hoped they can start filming next year but it’s early days.

‘It’s based on the book, which is a personal story that has caught people’s imaginations and has been very widely read and commented on. I still get letters today about it from people, so that must be the reason it’s been picked up by a film-maker.’

Captain Hart Dyke, a former Commander of the Royal Yacht Britannia, added: ‘I would be delighted if it comes off but I’m strictly neutral about the whole thing. It’s just one account from one ship.

‘There were 40 ships altogether in the Falklands all doing wonderful things but it seems my story is the one that has been picked up.’

The movie is being made by Warp

Films, the firm behind Chris Morris’ Bafta award-winning Four Lions which was released in 2009.

The film will be written and directed by Tom Shankland, who made horror film The Children in 2009.

Warp Films said it will consult veterans from HMS Coventry to make sure the film is accurate.

Robin Gutch, who is producing Destroyer, said: ‘The project is developing, with the intention of shooting next year. We chose to base it on the book by David Hart Dyke as it is a very strong but concise story about the mission of one ship at the Falklands.

‘We want to retell the story from the eyes of one captain at the Falklands.’