Falklands veteran gets huge support in benefit fight

Falklands veteran Gordon Lang
Falklands veteran Gordon Lang
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VETERAN Gordon Lang is a man who does not give up easily.

The 62-year-old amputee is fighting the Department for Work & Pensions after they told him to sign on and get a job.

Since his story appeared in The News, strangers have stopped him in the street and wished him luck with his case.

Mr Lang, a former Royal Marine who served in the Falklands conflict, said the support has helped him in his battle.

He said: ‘Having got the bit between my teeth I was up for this on my own.

‘But with the amount of support in the paper and Facebook, it’s absolutely brilliant.

‘With a bit of luck it’s going to make somebody somewhere sit up and take notice.’

Mr Lang’s employment support allowance was axed after he was assessed and told he has limited capability for work.

In a letter to Mr Lang, of Chilworth Grove, Gosport, the DWP said its assessment did not take into account how he could get to work.

Instead the government department suggested he could work at home or an employer could provide transport.

Mr Lang’s leg was amputated in 2012 after suffering from a disease that stopped blood flow.

The Royal British Legion has now taken up Mr Lang’s case and will represent him if his further appeal reaches tribunal.

Its national office said it could not comment as the case was live.

Richard Dickson is the president of the Gosport and Alverstoke Branch of the Royal British Legion.

He said: ‘I have 100 per cent support for this guy.

‘We all know we’re in tough economic times and there are not the jobs out there.

‘If you’re disabled and able to work how on earth do they expect this guy to travel to jobs that aren’t actually there.

‘Let them demonstrate that these jobs exist. Present them to him and say take your pick – but we live in the real world and these jobs don’t exist.’

Mr Lang has to sign on at the Job Centre once every fortnight and must now go on a course for CV skills.

He has been on jobseekers’ allowance for two months after his ESA was removed.

The armed forces liaison officer at Hampshire County Council has also offered help.

Mr Lang added: ‘If by chance I do get a job that’s great but the chances of that happening in Gosport are negative.’