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A TEAM from HMS Collingwood is building up its fitness levels by taking part in an extreme 12-mile obstacle course.

The Tough Mudder has been designed by members of the Special Forces and aims to test individuals both physically and mentally.

Teams who enter will participate in a diverse array of activities from high ropes to cargo nets suspended above cold water and much worse.

The event invokes strength, stamina, determination and camaraderie, all key aspects of the Royal Navy ethos.

Lieutenant Tim Lawrenson from HMS Collingwood is part of The Surface Stream Training Project Team.

He said: ‘Our team is made up of a range of ages and fitness levels and we are all benefitting from the preparation for this event. If we can do it, anyone can.’

The team has enlisted a coach who is taking it through a high-intensity training package.

The training began just before Christmas at the Fareham base.