Fears that long grass could prove to be fire hazard

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FEARS are growing about a potential fire hazard in a residential area.

Councillor Roger Allen has voiced his concerns after a patch of grass has been left to grow during the scorching heat that England has been experiencing for the past few weeks.

The grass, on the corner of Grove Road and Sealark Road, belongs to the Ministry of Defence.

Gosport Borough Council has requested for it to be cut but nothing has happened yet.

Cllr Allen said: ‘Gosport Borough Council has been trying to get hold of the Ministry of Defence but nothing has happened yet.

‘With the weather being as it has been, we are getting more worried about the potential hazards the grass could cause.

‘Gosport Fire Station is aware of it and they are also concerned.

‘It happens every year but this year there is more of a reason to get it cut.’

With temperatures reaching 30C and the Met Office issuing a ‘level three heat health watch’ for Hampshire, there have been concerns of grass fires.

There have been reports of recent fires in London and Cllr Allen doesn’t want a repeat of those scenes in Gosport.

He added: ‘I think there is a great importance to get the grass sorted not only because of the heat but because of the area.

‘It is residential housing and being so packed together, a fire would be devastating.

‘But I don’t think that residents understand why nothing has been done about it.

‘They come to us, their councillors, for help but unfortunately, we can’t do anything about it.

‘It is private, MoD land so there is nothing we can do.

‘We have had people voice their concerns but it is not our responsibilty.

‘We have contacted the MoD and hopefully something will get done.’

There have been numerous warnings about possible grass fires due to the rise in temperature.

People are being urged to ensure their cigarettes are put properly.

This includes people who smoke in their cars and dispose off their cigarettes out the window; these can land on grass verges.

Warning have also been made about barbecues and ensuring people are disposing of them in the correct way.

The Ministry of Defence said in a statement: ‘This land has been sold to a private individual, the sale completed in May of this year and therefore the MOD is no longer responsible for its upkeep.’