Fisherman catches a live bomb

Members of the British Army's 'Ice Maiden' Expedition in Antarctica Picture: Hugh Robertson/PA Wire

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A FISHERMAN was stunned when he netted a live Second World War bomb in his catch.

Portsmouth-based fishery patrol ship HMS Tyne had been conducting a routine boarding of a Belgian fishing vessel when sailors discovered the 1940s British bomb on board.

Tyne’s captain, Lieutenant Commander Will Peters, said: ‘The boarding officer, Lt Dave Richardson, was expecting to find some sole and plaice but got more than he bargained for.’

The Royal Navy’s bomb disposal team from Horsea Island was called to the Kent coast to deal with the device, which had a large, rusty hole in its side. The 70-year-old bomb was found to be still live and a controlled explosion was executed out to sea.

‘We felt the aftershock from a good nautical mile away,’ said Lt Cdr Peters of the big explosion yesterday afternoon.

Finding old bombs from the war is common at this time of year due to rough weather disturbing the sea bed.

A navy spokesman said: ‘Anyone who notices anything strange on the beach that they are concerned about should report it to the police or the coastguard immediately but they must not touch it.’