Flag flown in Petersfield to mark unifying power of Commonwealth

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A DISTRICT played its part in a global event to celebrate the unifying power of the Commonwealth.

Cllr Tony Muldoon, chairman of East Hampshire District Council, raised the Commonwealth Flag outside the council offices at Penns Place, Petersfield.

The flag was one of 850 raised in locations throughout the UK, including in Portsmouth, and around the world to celebrate Commonwealth Day.

Countries from Malta to the Maldives and from Tonga to Trinidad took part in the event and celebrated their shared values.

Cllr Muldoon, who raised the flag at 10am on Monday, said: ‘We are proud to raise the Commonwealth flag and show our solidarity with so many other countries across the world.

‘The Commonwealth is a source of strength and pride for its founding members and I am proud that East Hampshire can play its part in that.’

He added: ‘It is a positive and uplifting way for people to link with fellow citizens of the Commonwealth.’