Forces widow feels ‘in limbo’ over pensions

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A MUM-of-four is backing a campaign aiming to change the rules surrounding forces widows and pensions.

Janice Nicoll, from Gosport, is affected by the current law that states if a widow remarries or cohabits, then they will lose their spouse’s pension.

She is backing the campaign set up by former senior defence figures.

Ms Nicholl’s husband, Andrew, died in a motorbike accident while off-duty. As a result of a 1975 armed forces pension scheme, she had become one of those who must still decide whether to marry, or keep a pension that her family depends on.

She said: ‘At the time he died, you don’t question that. In my head, at that stage, I was never going to get married again. But now I am with somebody but looking at our finances, I cannot afford to remarry. I feel like I’m in limbo.’