Former First Sea Lord wants nuclear sub sent to South Atlantic

Lord West
Lord West
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FORMER First Sea Lord Alan West has said the UK should send a nuclear submarine to the Falkland Islands in response to ‘outrageous behaviour’ by Argentina and its neighbours.

Tensions between Britain and countries in the region mounted this week following a decision by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay to ban ships flying a Falklands flag from their ports.

Admiral West suggested that a nuclear submarine stationed in the South Atlantic could be used to express the UK’s displeasure at the move.

He said: ‘When one [submarine] is there, it should stick its mast up and make a point of making it clear that it is there. I think the Foreign Office should be tougher.

‘This has been ratcheting up for some time. We’ve got to make clear that sovereignty is not on the table. The people who live there want to remain British.’

A Foreign Office spokesman said: ‘We are very concerned by this latest Argentine attempt to isolate the Falkland Islands people and damage their livelihoods, for which there is no justification.

‘We have no doubt about our sovereignty over the Falkland Islands and will continue to support the islanders’ right to determine their own political future.’