Former head of Royal Navy urges calm over attacks

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FORMER head of the Royal Navy Lord West has called for tighter ammunition controls and more money for the security services to help combat the terrorist threat.

But the Labour peer warned against a knee-jerk reaction to the Paris attacks and urged Britain to ‘step back and be calm’.

He also criticised deputy prime minister Nick Clegg for blocking the Communications Data Bill, or so-called Snooper’s Charter.

Lord West, pictured, said: ‘It’s a serious threat, but I would say it’s the ideal time to be British and have a stiff upper lip and just step back and be calm.

‘It’s not an immensely greater threat than it ever was in the past.

‘The real message is let’s not over-exaggerate this. This was a horrible incident by murdering, murderous people.

‘(But) There is a threat that could happen. We mustn’t kid ourselves. They only need to be lucky once, as was famously said once, whereas we have got to be lucky all the time.

‘Do we need any extra money for the security service?

‘I think we probably do need a little bit more money... but I think the British public should be satisfied that at the moment we have got some amazing agencies and they are doing some very good work.’