Former naval officer drowned in yacht race

ACCIDENTAL DEATH Christopher Reddish
ACCIDENTAL DEATH Christopher Reddish
The HMS Queen Elizabeth photo was on the Royal Navy website.

Anger as Portsmouth is superimposed on Gosport in Royal Navy website photo

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A RETIRED Royal Navy officer drowned in a yachting accident, a coroner ruled.

Christopher Reddish, 46, died on June 18 after falling from his 38ft racing yacht, Lion, during the cross-channel Morgan Cup race between Cowes on the Isle of Wight, and Cherbourg in France.

A coroner in Chichester yesterday ruled his death had been as a result of an accident.

The inquest heard Mr Reddish was an experienced sailor. He had trained at naval college in Dartmouth before serving on various warships, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. His final posting was aboard HMS Invincible in Portsmouth before he retired from the navy 10 years ago.

The father-of-one was trying to recover a sail dragging in the water 20 miles off the Isle of Wight when he fell overboard on June 18.

His son Alexander Reddish, 21, said he rushed to his father’s aid, adding: ‘I was shouting at him but I was receiving no response.’

He and the crew winched Lt Cdr Reddish out of the water but he showed no signs of life.