Former Royal Navy chief labels UK response ‘feeble’

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A FORMER Royal Navy chief has criticised the way the UK responds to threats from the Middle East labelling it ‘feeble’.

Sir Nigel Essenhigh, the former head of the Royal Navy, wrote to the Sunday Telegraph and said there are ‘uncomfortable similarities’ between the state of Britain’s defences now and in the 1930s.

Sir Nigel claims in his letter to reflect the view of at 
least three of his former colleagues.

He said that as with post-World War One Britain, there is little public appetite for more overseas military intervention.

He said: ‘Thus there is cover for our recent, feeble responses to events in the Middle East such as in Libya, Syria and once again in Iraq, as well as in the face of the exponential threat posed by Islamic State.

‘The situation in Yemen is also deteriorating in a dangerous manner.’

Sir Nigel also said that Britain has ‘very real commitments’ in the face of Russian action in Ukraine and he criticised references to defence in the recent Queen’s Speech.

He was also upset at the government’s failure to commit to meeting its Nato target of spending two per cent of gross domestic product on defence beyond this year.