French mayor - I’m ensuring migrants have no access to food

A migrant camp in Calais
A migrant camp in Calais
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A FRENCH mayor has shut the door on migrants fleeing war-torn countries, as concerns grow over the number of people trying to enter the UK via Portsmouth.

Romain Bail, the mayor of Ouistreham, which serves as the port for Caen, has taken a tough stance against any refugees seeking to settle in the region - ensuring ‘they won’t have any food’.

Speaking earlier today, Mr Bail said: ‘I am working quite hard on not have any settlement, or (providing) any assistance to the migants, and making sure they won’t have any food, or possibility for them to stay.

‘It was quite controversial; some people were accusing me of not being human, but I wanted to be right on this decision and follow it.’

There are concerns about the growing number of migrants using lorries travelling up the A34 from ports in Portsmouth to Poole to settle in the UK.