Gosport siblings back together as they unite at Royal Navy training centre

Grace and Luke Docherty
Grace and Luke Docherty
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IT’S not often you get to train in the navy alongside your sibling.

But that’s exactly what happened to this brother-and-sister duo from Gosport.

It was strange to see her at first; knowing that she was here and then seeing her on the first day

Luke Docherty, 26

Royal Navy siblings Luke and Grace Docherty have been spending some rare time together as they learn new skills at HMS Raleigh in Plymouth.

The pair both specialise as supply chain logisticians and have been studying side-by-side within the Defence Maritime Logistics School.

Luke, who joined the navy in 2008, is on a course preparing for his promotion to the rank of Leading Hand, while Grace is coming towards the end of her professional training and will shortly be leaving the school for her first draft at HMS Drake in Plymouth.

Luke, 26, said: ‘Grace and I rarely spend any time in the same place these days. It was strange to see her at first; knowing that she was here and then seeing her on the first day.’

The siblings aren’t the only members of their family with links to the Royal Navy.

Middle brother Joe is also a supply chain specialist. He currently works with the Royal Marines at 3 Commando Brigade Headquarters in Plymouth.

The trio’s father, Stephen, is a former Royal Navy Warrant Officer Writer.

Grace, 19, said: ‘I’ve been able to see a bit of Joe too in Plymouth while I’ve been at Raleigh, which has been great.

‘I found out that Luke would be coming to the school for training a couple of months ago.

‘I’m not used to seeing him at work, so it was a bit weird at first, but it’s been nice having him around.

‘As I leave Raleigh to join HMS Drake, Joe will be moving on to Portsmouth, so that’ll be it for a while.’

She added: ‘I’ve really enjoyed all my training. Some parts have been horrible, but you have to go through the horrible stuff to experience the good bits.

‘I want to get up the ranks quickly like Luke has and make a career of the navy.’

Luke added his time in the navy has seen him travel, with a visit to Naples for six months and a period stationed at Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose in Cornwall.