Gunners train their Army counterparts

TRAINING Lieutenant Commander Tom Edwards
TRAINING Lieutenant Commander Tom Edwards

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NAVY gunners have been working with their Army counterparts in a training course.

The gunners of Portsmouth-based Type 23 frigate HMS Richmond have been sharing their knowledge with members of the Army Joint Tactical Targeting Course.

The course trains specialist Army soldiers to work with naval units when they are working close to the coast to provide targeted firepower ashore.

Such support has been used to potent effect in Libya and, 10 years ago, in the opening hours of the Iraq campaign.

HMS Richmond’s gunnery officer, Lieutenant Commander Tom Edwards, said: ‘The Royal Navy retains a world-class ability to deliver gunfire support to troops ashore, the importance of which was proven during the recent Libya campaign. It was a pleasure to host our partners from the Army who we continue to work ever closer with.’