Hands-on experience for Scouts with navy

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A SCOUT troop visited a navy engineering and survival school.

The 1st Fareham Scout Troop visited The Royal Naval Air Engineering and Survival School, at HMS Sultan.

Nearly 30 youngsters were earning their Basic Aviation badge, exploring Sea King and Lynx Helicopters and a Sea Harrier plane.

The Scouts looked at the basic theory of flight, how ejector seats work, and the current role of naval aircraft.

Scout Fletcher Adams, 12, said: ‘It’s been great to be able to jump on all the aircraft and push all the buttons without breaking them.’

Group leader Gareth Hawksworth added: ‘It’s fantastic for the group to be able to come in and see some of the outstanding training tools that the navy offers its engineers.’

The Scout group, formed in 1910, is one of oldest in the UK.