HMS Collingwood sailors are having a go

FUN Sailors try out wheelchair basketball
FUN Sailors try out wheelchair basketball
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SAILORS at HMS Collingwood turned wheelchair basketball players at a sports taster afternoon.

They played the game to honour Lieutenant Kirsty Wallace who narrowly missed out on a place at this year’s Paralympics.

She has been playing wheelchair basketball since 2009. Her husband, Major Scott Wallace of the Royal Marines, is a fully-qualified coach of the game.

Together they spent two afternoons teaching the fundamentals of the game as part of the base’s grass-roots sports taster days.

Chief Petty Officer Sam Johns said: ‘It’s brilliant. I don’t like normal basketball but this is good fun. There’s more moving about.’

Lt Wallace said: ‘To see other Armed Forces personnel having so much fun at a sport that they might not normally consider is fantastic.’