HMS Daring brings lifesaving aid to remote Philippines islands

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Sailors on board HMS Daring have been tasked with delivering vital medical assistance to people trapped in remote areas after a typhoon in the Philippines.

The Portsmouth ship has been given four key tasks by the Department for International Development’s humanitarian field team.

MISSION HMS Daring's Lynx helicopter delivering aid. Picture: Simon Davis/DFID

MISSION HMS Daring's Lynx helicopter delivering aid. Picture: Simon Davis/DFID

The ship arrived in the Philippines yesterday and sailed overnight to reach Guintacan Island this morning.

HMS Daring will transport the UK’s 12-strong medical team, who will work the ship’s own medics to provide urgent medical assistance on the remote islands.

Sailors will load, transport, and distribute 500 shelter kits onto islands previously identified as being in need.

They will load and transport 10 tonnes of high-energy biscuits to be distributed by Save the Children onto the islands.

Finally, the ship will use its own water filters to fill 1,900 water carriers with clean drinking water across the region.

The commanding officer of HMS Daring, Commander Angus Essenhigh, said: ‘We can make a vast amount of difference in the initial stages of this sort of relief operation.

‘We’ve got the logistics to bring things in, such as water and food, to establish the needs and communicate those back to the government and non-governmental organisations, who can provide the longer term assistance that these communities desperately require.’

As reported in The News, HMS Daring’s flight crew flew their Lynx helicopter on six searches of remote areas for signs of destruction.

HMS Daring was on a training exercise off Malaysia when the call came.

Portsmouth-based helicopter carrier HMS Illustrious has also been assigned to the region, and is still making her way to the Philippines.

She is expected to arrive towards the end of the month.