HMS Edinburgh comes home to Portsmouth for the last time

your view Walrus-Class Submarine

Walrus-Class Submarine 'HNLMS WALRUS' of the Royal Netherlands Navy inbound to Portsmouth on a weekend visit.
Picture: Tony Weaver

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WATCH: Submarine sails into Portsmouth for rare visit

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The last of the Royal Navy’s Type 42 destroyers returned to Portsmouth for the final time today.

Families, well-wishers and ex-crew members gathered in Old Portsmouth to welcome in HMS Edinburgh.

Former Wren Angie Bradley, 63, and  her close friend Elizabeth Hazel, 79.

Former Wren Angie Bradley, 63, and her close friend Elizabeth Hazel, 79.

Former Wren Angie Bradley, 63, who lives in Southsea, came along with her close friend Elizabeth Hazel, 79.

The pair have come along with patriotic flags.

The Type 42 destroyer passed the Round Tower at 10am.

Angie said: ‘My friend Val Pennycook’s son Fraser recently served on HMS Edinburgh.

‘It’s an emotional occasion. It’s very important that people continue to support the Royal Navy.’

The destroyer is to be decommissioned as the navy introduces its new D-Class destroyers into service.

The ship’s helicopter flew over the Solent as Edinburgh sailed in, flying her decommissioning pennant.

Edinburgh fired a gun salute and the navy’s Fort Blockhouse fired one back.

The warship was followed in by HMS Defender and a Sea Fury flew overhead.

Visitors cheered and waved as sailors waved on the decks of both ships.

Former Able Seaman Bob Peters, 79, who lives in Nickleby House, Portsmouth, said: ‘It was very impressive. I always come along to watch the ships come in. I’ve got many books about the Royal Navy.’

Edinburgh’s Commanding Officer, Commander Nick Borbone, said: “After the success of her final operational deployment in March, this has been a fitting finale to an illustrious career for HMS Edinburgh.’

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