HMS Edinburgh to set off on her final deployment

Poppies at Fort Nelson. Picture: David George

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HMS Edinburgh will leave Portsmouth Naval Base on Monday for her final deployment in the Royal Navy.

It marks a historic milestone for both the ship and the navy because it will be the last departure of any of the fleet’s Type 42 destroyers which were made famous in the 1982 Falklands conflict.

Edinburgh will leave the harbour shortly after 10am and will spend six months on patrol in the Atlantic – with visits to the Falklands and America planned.

News of Edinburgh’s last deployment comes as sister ship HMS York makes her final homecoming into Portsmouth this afternoon.

Since returning from her previous deployment in December last year, HMS Edinburgh has undertaken an intensive period of training and maintenance to prepare her for the tasks ahead.

Her patrols will see her supporting counter narcotics efforts in the West African region as well as providing reassurance to UK territories and dependencies.

The ship’s captain, Commander Nick Borbone, said: ‘I am extremely proud of the way my ship’s company has responded to the many challenges we have faced during our preparations for this operational deployment.

‘HMS Edinburgh might be the last of the class, but she remains a capable ship with a highly-trained and motivated ship’s company that is determined to preserve the fine tradition of the Type 42s.’