HMS Illustrious nearly finished in Philippines

BUSY HMS Illustrious sends teams ashore
BUSY HMS Illustrious sends teams ashore

MP supports city defence jobs

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SAILORS providing humanitarian aid to those affected by the Philippines typhoon are nearing the end of their mission.

Portsmouth-based HMS Illustrious was sent to the islands at the end of last month to help provide disaster relief for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

The ship’s company have worked day and night for two weeks to deliver shelter and fresh water to villagers whose homes and schools have been destroyed.

They are expected to complete their operation towards the end of next week.

Surgeon Lieutenant James Baker said: ‘I deployed as part of an assistance team to Calagnaan Island.

‘We were tasked to help repair a building damaged by the typhoon.

‘It was hard work; safely removing the old structure and replacing it with one that we manufactured using locally-sourced bamboo.

‘We then used tarpaulin transported to the site by helicopter to provide a temporary roof.

‘It is measures like this that are among the most vital in the recovery process.

‘It helps restore the sense of normality that Typhoon Haiyan had disrupted.’