HMS Iron Duke replaces HMS Liverpool on Libya mission

DUTY HMS Iron Duke
DUTY HMS Iron Duke
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ONE of the Royal Navy’s most advanced warships has taken over patrolling of the coast of Libya.

HMS Iron Duke has replaced HMS Liverpool and will continue her work protecting humanitarian shipments bound for the Libyan people.

For HMS Liverpool it’s the end of an eventful NATO deployment off Libya.

Earlier this month she opened fire after three rigid hull inflatable boats were detected in the vicinity of Zlitan by a NATO reconnaissance aircraft.

The regime was trying to use the craft for a raid and to lay mines to frustrate humanitarian shipments reaching the port.

Her replacement - HMS Iron Duke - carries an array of weapons and sensors.

These include harpoon anti-ship missiles, stingray torpedoes, vertical launch sea wolf anti-air missiles and a 4.5ins Mk 8 gun for shore bombardment.

She can be employed in a variety of roles but her primary role is anti-submarine operations for which she is equipped with the latest computer assisted sonar systems and communications equipment.

She carries a Mk 8 Lynx Helicopter which can also be used in a variety of roles. The ship’s company consists of 17 officers, 57 senior ratings and 111 junior ratings.