HMS Liverpool sails with captured Libyan flagship

CAMPAIGN A fight is under way to preserve HMS Liverpool
CAMPAIGN A fight is under way to preserve HMS Liverpool

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PORTSMOUTH-based warship HMS Liverpool has accompanied Colonel Gaddafi’s captured flagship back to Tripoli.

The Ministry of Defence described the return of the vessel – which was flying the Free Libya flag – as a milestone victory for Libyan rebels.

The warship Al Hani was the last Libyan frigate in working order and returned to the conquered capital with rebels lined up on her deck.

She sailed from Benghazi, where she has been in port since her capture six months ago, with HMS Liverpool alongside.

An MoD spokesman said: ‘This is a significant milestone in the rebel campaign – to take Gaddafi’s former warship into the capital, until very recently held by Gaddafi, shows the extent of the achievement by the Libyan people.’

The Royal Navy Type 42 destroyer had reportedly fired on pro-Gaddafi military positions in the dictator’s home town of Sirte on Thursday night.

British forces also hammered targets around Bani Walid where Gaddafi is rumoured to be hiding out.