HMS Ocean’s final visit to Portsmouth

HMS Ocean, the Royal Navy's fleet flagship, sailed into Portsmouth Naval Base on Friday, February 2 for the last time before she decommissions from the Royal Navy.

THE navy’s fleet flagship has sailed into Portsmouth for the last time, the navy has confirmed.

HMS Ocean arrived at Portsmouth Naval Base on Friday, the last visit before she is decommissioned.

She will return to her home port of Devonport, Plymouth, for the final time under a white ensign later this month.

Commanding officer Captain Robert Pedre said: ‘My ship’s company and I are very much looking forward to our visit to Portsmouth.

‘It is fitting that the fleet flagship should have this opportunity to bid farewell to the city before decommissioning; a visit that is all the more poignant for the many members of my ship’s company that are privileged to call this historic naval city home.’

Tallied up, the ship has spent 11 of the last 16 months deployed on operations overseas and covered almost 50,000 miles.

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