HMS Queen Elizabeth: BBC Radio 1's Greg James holds competition for the Royal Navy aircraft carrier’s horn to be blown on ‘special occasion’ 

The HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives in Portsmouth. Picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
The HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives in Portsmouth. Picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
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A RADIO DJ gave his listeners the chance to bid for HMS Queen Elizabeth to blast its horn on a ‘special occasion’. 

BBC Radio 1 breakfast show host Greg James received a call from the future Royal Navy flagship yesterday. 

With the HMS Queen Elizabeth wanting to take part in the presenter's ‘Hootenanny'. 

Greg James had encouraged his listeners to blast their horns all at the same time during a section of a popular dance track by Australian DJ Fisher called ‘Losing it’. 

The ‘Hootenanny’, as it was dubbed, had lorries, buses, cars and even cruise ships involved. 

And the £3bn Royal Navy aircraft carrier didn’t want to be left out. 

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Ringing into BBC Radio 1, AB Jess Rogers. who serves on HMS Queen Elizabeth, said: ‘I want to be part of hootenanny, sorry we are a week late we really want to be a part of it. 

‘We are on HMS Queen Elizabeth, the new aircraft carrier. 

‘We have one horn and its got a five mile radius that it can be heard from. 

‘I am in the seamanship department, I steer the ship under the captain’s command and we drive the sea boats so when we’ve got a man overboard we go and rescue him or her. 

Greg James said: ‘This is amazing, to have got the largest ship in the Royal Navy available at  my disposal for the Hootenanny but it’s a week late.’ 

He asked if HMS Queen Elizabeth could blow it’s horn live on the show, however he was told no. 

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He added: ‘If there was a special occasion in which it needed a horn just to boost the celebrations, could I call on you and the crew of HMS Queen Elizabeth to give it a blast?’ 

And this time the Royal Navy's aircraft carrier agreed to the DJ's request. 

‘Okay so HMS Queen Elizabeth will give us the horn when we want it,’ he said. 

‘We need something proper good then because I don't want to waste this. 

‘This is literally the queen of ships. This gives the Hootenanny a whole new life. It gives it round two and it will happen.' 

People were given the chance to bid for the horn to be sounded on a special occasion by texting Greg James on 81199 but only yesterday. 

The Royal Navy confirmed to The News that it was a one off and you could only bid on February 7 - so please don’t text the number with your bids! 

HMNB Portsmouth tweeted yesterday: ‘Did you all hear AB Jess Rogers from @HMSQNLZ chatting to @gregjames on @BBCR1 just now?

‘ The biggest warship in the @RoyalNavy will sound her 'horn' (siren) for a special occasion and you can bid for it! Let Greg know what you'd use it for by texting 81199! #hootenanny.’ 

What special occasion would you like HMS Queen Elizabeth's horn to be blasted for? Let us know in comments below!