HMS Queen Elizabeth due to arrive in Portsmouth on Monday

An aerial view of HMS Queen Elizabeth arriving in Portsmouth earlier this year. Picture: Shaun Roster

HMS Queen Elizabeth will return home to Portsmouth on Monday, the Royal Navy has said. 

More than 1,000 members of the ship’s company will be welcomed back by their families after taking part in four months of flight trials of the F35-B fighter jets. 

The operation, known as the Westlant deployment, has seen the warship travel to the United States – including New York City and Florida – and facilitate more than 90 landings and a change of captain

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Many of the former were captured on video, including a ‘revolutionary’ first rolling landing and a ‘bizarre’ backwards manoeuvre

HMS Queen Elizabeth left Portsmouth Naval Base in August this year after she was accepted into the Royal Navy Fleet at a commissioning ceremony led by Her Majesty the Queen in December, 2017.

Her sister ship, HMS Prince of Wales, is being built and is set to join her in Portsmouth next year. 

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HMS Queen Elizabeth is expected to enter active service in 2021. 

Her arrival in Portsmouth on Monday is dependent on good weather and could change. 

She should be visible in the Solent at about 1.30pm. 

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