HMS Queen Elizabeth: Here’s where the Royal Navy carrier is going next – and when will she reach New York?

HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s biggest ever Royal Navy carrier, is currently in the US for historic flight trials.

Last week the carrier stopped off in Jacksonville on the first stop of the American trip. 

HMS Queen Elizabeth

The Portsmouth-based aircraft carrier is now due to work its way north along the east coast of the US.

Where is HMS Queen Elizabeth going next?

Leaving Florida, the mighty 65,000-tonne warship will steam past South Carolina and North Carolina before passing Naval Airstation Norfolk, Virginia.

The navy won't confirm movements of the ship. 

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However, there is the potential Queen Elizabeth could stop at the major military institution before heading north towards the Naval Airstation, Patuxent River, in Maryland.

This is anticipated to take place at the end of the month and will see the embarkation of two, specially-equipped F-35B test jets.

From here, the first phase of trials will take place off the east coast of America, which will see the ship's company conducting dozens of take-offs, landings and basic manoeuvres for several weeks.

What about Hurricane Florence?

Hurricane Florence is set to make landfall on the East Coast of America in the coming days. 

The storm is currently a category 4, with sustained wind speeds of around 140 miles an hour being recorded. 

There are still fears the hurricane could strengthen further before making landfall on Thursday and become a ‘life-threatening’ category 5.

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The hurricane is not going to hit Mayport, so the HMS Queen Elizabeth and her crew will be safe. 

When will HMS Queen Elizabeth visit New York?

It's understood that Queen Elizabeth will then have a brief break where she is expected to work her way north for a key engagement event in New York, where US media and special guests are anticipated to visit the warship.

The Royal Navy has not yet confirmed exactly when this will happen.

The final phase of Queen Elizabeth's stint in the US will see the warship hitting the seas again for the second, more challenging phase of flight trials in the Atlantic.

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