HMS Queen Elizabeth ‘puts the great back into Great Britain’

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CPO Martin Owen helps Meon Junior School pupils with their Lego robots. Picture by Malcolm Wells

Navy engineers help students to perfect their Lego robots

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‘THIS ship puts the ‘great’ back into Great Britain,’ an excited Commodore Jerry Kyd said.

And so he should be, as the man who will become the first seagoing captain of HMS Queen Elizabeth in 2016.

‘I went around her about six months ago. When I saw her, my first thought was that we have built an aircraft carrier that matches the future intentions of the Royal Navy,’ he said.

‘I think it has come to the right time for the changes that we will experience in the future.

‘We are an island and I think that the future of the county is so important.

‘I think HMS Queen Elizabeth is symbolic of what we can do as a country.’

Asked how he felt during the ceremony, he said: ‘There is such a sense of pride and whether you come from the commercial side or from the Royal Navy, from the shipyard or from one of the families involved, there is a real sense of pride.

‘I am looking forward to getting her out in the sea and taking her to Portsmouth for the first time.’

Ten thousand people have worked to get the ship to where it is now, at six yards across England, Scotland and 

Asked whether he thought there was any relevance to the fact Scotland will hold a referendum this year on independence, he said: ‘When we are together we are stronger.’