HMS Queen Elizabeth: Royal Navy aircraft carrier’s officers to raise money for Rowans Hospice 

HMS Queen Elizabeth. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
HMS Queen Elizabeth. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
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HMS Queen Elizabeth’s officers will be raising money for Rowans Hospice over the coming year. 

The Royal Navy aircraft carrier’s wardroom have chosen the Purbrook based hospice as its charity for the next financial year. 

Last year the officers raised £2,000 for the Rainbow Centre which they donated to the Fareham based charity in March. 

HMS Queen Elizabeth’s wardroom announced the charity they would be raising money for next on social media. 

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The aircraft carrier’s official account tweeted: ‘Lt Cdr Roger Filewod gave a short presentation about HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH to the @RowansHospice veterans today.

‘The Rowans Hospice is the wardroom chosen charity for the FY 19/20 and we look forward to working with you.’ 

What is HMS Queen Elizabeth doing now? 

The £3.1bn aircraft carrier is currently up in Scotland at the dry dock in Rosyth.

She is undergoing scheduled maintenance work and has been reunited with her sister ship the HMS Prince of Wales, which is due to arrive in Portsmouth later this year. 

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What are the ship’s plans for 2019? 

After finishing up in Scotland, HMS Queen Elizabeth is scheduled to return to America for WestLant19 in the Autumn. 

She will carry out further tests including F-35 operation tests. 

And after being contacted by The News, the Royal Navy confirmed that HMS Queen Elizabeth will be returning to the USA for operational testing with F-35 jets, following on from the developmental tests conducted last year.