HMS Queen Elizabeth: The Royal Navy’s flagship carrier – in numbers

HMS Queen Elizabeth – the Royal Navy’s flagship carrier – is currently in the US for a 11-week deployment. 

The warship headed across the Atlantic last month for historic flight tests.

HMS Queen Elizabeth Picture: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

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65,000 - Weighing in at 65,000 tonnes, HMS Queen Elizabeth is the largest warship ever built for the Royal Navy.

17 million – Made up of more than 17 million parts, the 280m vessel is also one of the Senior Service’s most complex.

10,000 – She has a four-acre flight deck and has a range of 10,000 nautical miles.

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1,500 – The aircraft carrier will cram 1,500 people across her 17 decks, with a ship’s company of about 800 - 70 more than when she left Rosyth in June last year.

24 – The average age of the crew is just 24, and almost a third have never been abroad before.

17 – Many of those on Queen Elizabeth are fresh from naval training, with some of the ship’s crew as young as 17.

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500 – She will spend 11 weeks at sea conducting flight trials of the F-35B, completing about 500 take-off and landing manoeuvres.

2 – These will be split into two phases, with the more basic operations taking first, broken up with a trip to New York and some downtime for the crew, before the second, more challenging tests take place. She is expected to return home in time for Christmas.

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