HMS Queen Elizabeth: Watch footage of F-35 jets in action during Royal Navy carrier’s flight trials 

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Footage of F-35 jets in action during HMS Queen Elizabeth’s deck trials in the US has been released by the planes manufacturer. 

The Royal Navy’s £3bn future flagship finished her historic nine week flight tests earlier this month and is set to return to Portsmouth in time for Christmas. 

F-35 jet during the final flight tests on HMS Queen Elizabeth in US ahead of return to UK. Picture: HMS Queen Elizabeth

F-35 jet during the final flight tests on HMS Queen Elizabeth in US ahead of return to UK. Picture: HMS Queen Elizabeth

During the deck trials, the first F-35B jet landed on HMS Queen Elizabeth in a landmark moment in the life of the aircraft carrier. 

Lockheed Martin, the manufacturer who make the F-35 fighter jets, has released a video of the flight tests involving their planes on the Royal Navy warship – which can be viewed at the top of the article. 

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In the two-minute long clip, the footage shows the preparation process on the HMS Queen Elizabeth before an F-35 jet takes off as well as showing one of the jets using the ski ramp take off pad. 

During the flight trials the ship’s company on the Royal Navy vessel completed such trials as night flying, a ‘bizarre’ backwards landing and F-35 bomb dropping tests. 

Why was HMS Queen Elizabeth in America? 

HMS Queen Elizabeth was on deployment to the US as part of the preparations to get her ready to enter service in 2020. 

The aircraft carrier and her crew carried out a series of flight and deck trials – which saw F-35 jets land on her decks for the first time. 

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What else did HMS Queen Elizabeth do in America? 

When first arriving in the US, HMS Queen Elizabeth stopped in the port at Mayport, Florida, to re-supply. 

The aircraft carrier also spent a week in New York City – giving the crew time to explore the famous city. 

As well as taking part in national and international events while anchored in the Hudson River. 

And finally HMS Queen Elizabeth stopped at Naval Station Norfolk, in Virginia – near Portsmouth, Virginia – to drop off the F-35 testing equipment following the flight trials. 

The crew of HMS Queen Elizabeth have also been crowned aircraft carrier ‘soccer’ champions after being sailors from four US ships.