HMS Richmond to deploy for seven months

HMS Richmond will leave Portsmouth on Monday for a seven-month deployment. Picture: L(Phot) Gaz Weatherston
HMS Richmond will leave Portsmouth on Monday for a seven-month deployment. Picture: L(Phot) Gaz Weatherston
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Sailors on board Portsmouth-based HMS Richmond will sail on Monday for seven months patrolling the Atlantic.

The Type 23 frigate will keep up the Royal Navy’s presence in the Atlantic, protecting and reassuring British interests in the region.

The Atlantic Patrol Task will see the ship on maritime security operations including counter-narcotics and anti-piracy patrols.

Engineering Technician (Weapons Engineer) Allanah Pope said: ‘I am really looking forward to my first deployment because it gives me a chance to actively use all the skills that I have developed during our operational sea training.

‘It also provides an opportunity to enjoy a different side of naval life which I have not yet experienced.’

It has taken months of preparation for HMS Richmond to be ready for her deployment.

In February, the ship’s company put trainee submariners through their paces off the west coast of Norway, while taking part in the gruelling Submarine Command Course.

In March, navigation students from the Maritime Warfare School joined the ship for an intensive training programme.

Later that month, the frigate completed two successful test firings of her Sea Wolf surface to air missile system off the south coast of England.

In April, alongside almost 50 other ships from around the world, HMS Richmond played a part in Exercise Joint Warrior, off the coast of Scotland.

And In May, the crew completed intense training at Flag Officer Sea Training.

Between May and now, the ship has been undergoing a comprehensive maintenance period in Portsmouth.

HMS Richmond’s commanding officer, Commander Robert Pedre, said: ‘HMS Richmond’s deployment represents the culmination of many months of planning and preparation.

‘My ship’s company has worked tirelessly to ensure we are now ready for operations to protect our nation’s interests.’

HMS Richmond is expected to pass the Round Tower in Old Portsmouth at around 10.10am on Monday.