HMS Severn leaves Portsmouth for deployment

HMS Severn
HMS Severn

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ROYAL Navy patrol vessel HMS Severn sails from Portsmouth today for an eight-month deployment away from home waters to the north Atlantic.

Her ship’s company will provide security and assurance to the UK’s overseas territories in the Caribbean and will be on standby for disaster relief 

Severn will carry emergency relief stores including food and water.

Also among her crew of 48 is a doctor and medical 

The ship’s commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander Steve Banfield, said: ‘While Severn normally operates in UK waters, our focus is now on deploying the ship and our personnel for the Atlantic Patrol Tasking (North).

‘I’m confident our training has prepared us well for all contingencies and tasking that may be required of 

The ship can make 10 tonnes of fresh water per day and is also able to embark shipping containers of aid and equipment if