HMS Westminster in submarine exercise

EXERCISE HMS Westminster
EXERCISE HMS Westminster
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FOLLOWING her successful deployment to Libya, HMS Westminster is off again.

This time the Portsmouth-based frigate is in France to participate in the multi-national anti-submarine exercise, Spontex.

Run by the French Navy, the exercise is designed to test a multi-national task group in a mock crisis where there is a submarine threat.

It is commanded by Vice-Admiral Lebonne who chose HMS Westminster as the venue to host the press conference held to launch the high-profile exercise.

He emphasised the importance of working with allies and coalition partners to develop shared tactics and stressed the importance of anti-submarine warfare in the modern world.

Also present at the press launch were the captains of other units in the exercise which includes French, Polish, Swedish and German ships and submarines.

Westminster’s commanding officer, Commander Tim Green, said: ‘I am delighted to bring HMS Westminster to this exercise. As one of the UK’s premier anti-submarine units, HMS Westminster is at the forefront of the development of tactics and procedures in this field.

‘I’m excited to be working with our international partners and I’m looking forward to some good hunting.’

Westminster returned from Libya last month where she was enforcing a naval blockade to stop Colonel Gaddafi’s gunboats leaving the port to bomb his own citizens.