Hours of work produces floral tribute to war

A Floral Tribute painstakingly put together by members of All Saints Church Denmead Flower Club.
A Floral Tribute painstakingly put together by members of All Saints Church Denmead Flower Club.
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MORE than 500 flowers and five days of teamwork have produced an intricate floral illustration of the First World War.

A patchwork of carnations, poppies, chrysanthemums and hydrangeas depict different aspects of the war 100 years ago, from trench warfare to the nurses who cared for the injured soldiers.

The floral tribute is the work of nine women from All Saints’ Denmead Flower Club and is on display this weekend.

In total, 30 types of flower make up the collage, each placed into a foam base.

Anne Cobbett, a retired florist from Denmead, is one of the creators.

She said: ‘At the beginning of the year we decided we wanted to illustrate the First World War in a floral picture.

‘Nine of us got together and we each took a certain aspect of the war like the biplane and the Zeppelin.

‘We also have the nurses and the naval aspect with a ship and lifejackets.

‘On the other side we have the army and a horse towing a gun carriage, stretcher bearers and a tank.’

She added: ‘It’s very minute and particular work.

‘I’m proud of this and the fact that everybody worked so beautifully together.’

The church is filled with 14 flower arrangements in memory of people who died in the war.

The Rev Sandra Edwards, of All Saints’ Church, Hambledon Road, said: ‘It’s right to remember those who sacrificed their lives for freedom and for us to be able to live our lives in the way we want to live them.’

The arrangements are available to view from 9am to 1pm today and again tomorrow from 1pm to 3pm.

Tomorrow there will be a service of commemoration at 9.30am.

The women who created the collage are Lesley Hallett, Dee Smith, Jenni Long, Jeannie Scaddan, Carolyn Keyzor, Joan Woodland, Anne Cobbett, Ann Berry, and Janet Sutton.

n See Monday’s News for reports of First World War weekend commemorations across the area.