‘If insurgents find out who my relatives are, they will kill them’

TRAINING Mohammed Raza
TRAINING Mohammed Raza

MP supports city defence jobs

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MOHAMMED Raza, 32, from Helmand, is going through the Lashkar Gah Training Centre programme and is a typical Afghan police recruit.

He said: ‘Joining the ANP has many benefits. Before I was jobless, now I have a good job and I can support my family and also I can serve to help my country. As with every country, having police is very important for the people because if there’s no police, there will be a lot of security problems.’ But joining the ANP was not an easy decision, he adds.

‘It has dangers for both me and my family,’ he said. ‘If the insurgents know I’m working in the ANP and they find out who my father or brother is they will definitely kill them.

‘I know and everybody knows it has dangers and it’s a dangerous job but this country, these people need us.

‘If I didn’t join the ANP, who will join the ANP and help people?’