Is this the shape of the Royal Navy’s future?

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  • New concept for a Royal Navy ship of the future is unveiled
  • Design shows what a dreadnought could look like in 2050
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IS THIS what the Royal Navy’s warships of the future will look like?

This design concept was put together by a team at QinetiQ’s Portsdown Technology Park in Southwick to show how a typical surface fleet could look by the year 2050.

The design is part of Startpoint, a new government/industry Maritime Mission Systems initiative to debut at the Defence and Security Equipment International exhibition in London this month.

The sleek ‘dreadnought’ features a raft of futuristic advances and would include a squad of quad-rotor drones for surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance.

It is envisaged the ship would be 155m in length, have a crew of 50 to 100 and be capable of a speed of 50 knots.

Startpoint business development manager Mark Steel said: ‘We wanted to set a challenge to our graduate engineers, stimulate them, and get them thinking about the possible set of Maritime Mission Systems capabilities encompassed within a future platform that is likely to be very different from the warship of today.

It may field high-power pulse weapons such as lasers and railguns

Mark Steel

‘It will be much lower manned, is likely to operate with various different types of unmanned systems, and may field high-power pulse weapons such as lasers and railguns.’