It’s back to basics for sailors who like running

A Merlin helicopter from Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose has been training with HMS Queen Elizabeth in Portsmouth Naval Base as part of her Rotary Wing Trials

Helicopter puts flight deck crew through its paces

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ONE of the Royal Navy’s newest physical trainers is hoping to improve the fitness of his colleagues with a back-to-basics idea.

Leading Physical Trainer Luke Stewart recently joined the physical training department of Fareham’s HMS Collingwood.

Now he has introduced a barefoot running programme to servicemen and women at the base.

The idea behind it is that running in shoes has altered the way people run, leading people to strike downwards with their hells, causing injury.

It is thought around 80 per cent of joggers are injured each year.

Luke said: ‘I’ve been a runner all my life, barefoot running has cured so many of my injuries including my knees and back. I have only been running barefoot for six months and it’s made a huge difference.’